Nightmare on Chestnut Street


Hi so I have a huge problem: I need to find a place to live ASAP. Please watch video and SHARE if you care. Helping me find a place to live will support the continuation of my musical creation. My next show is Friday September 29, and it has been incredibly hard for me to find housing. Having to house hunt every day is preventing me from working on my music as much as I would like.

Here is what I am seeking in terms of housing:

Max $1800 + Utilities 2 Adults Seeking House to Rent (Within 1 Hour Drive from Thousand Oaks)

Two working adults seeking a house to rent in either Ventura or Los Angeles County preferably within an hour drive from Thousand Oaks which is where one adult has her primary employment.

• Max Rent $1800 + Utilities
• Pet-friendly rental (one small cat)
• Single Family Home, Musician Friendly to allow practicing of musical instruments (no shared walls)
• No sublets or shared accommodations
• Prefer no carpet (due to allergies) but will consider housing with limited carpeting
• Prefer garage (each renter has one car for a total of two cars)

One adult is a music teacher and the other is a trucker who works in several states. Combined income is well over enough to cover the rent of $1800 or less plus utilities.

RESPOND to ad at, phone, and email are all there).


“Shedding the Ashes”

The single and music video “Shedding the Ashes” was released on June 18, 2008.  Thanks goes out to Sharon Lockwood (make-up), Mark O’Halloran (special appearance), and Kyle France (editing and filming). Video link: .

Shedding the Ashes

tangled twisted tied
into a knot of nothingness
fed from and feeding into fear

change would break this all
but i fear disorder
cut the chains of stress
or lie here unmoving

no need to sulk in helplessness
you have yourself to move
your surroundings change only
if you stand up and walk forward on

burn the scars into ashes
then shed them behind you
run fast to create winds
to blow the remains far away

stand above what burned you
allow the water to drown it
don’t let it resurface undone
douse it into a trophy

once was tangled twisted tied
into a knot of nothingness
fed from and feeding into fear

embrace the future
for the past is why you left
and now you are ahead
toward the gaping twilight

no need to sulk in helplessness
you have yourself to move
your surroundings change only
if you stand up and walk forward on

“Shedding the Ashes” Copyright © 2008 Linda Lockwood o/a Mad Metal Mage. All Rights Reserved.


Happy Thanksgiving, 7-String Ibanez for Sale, Job Search, Missing Music

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you in the US!

My 7-String Ibanez RG1527RB (Royal Blue) is for sale; you may check out the ad at .  I’ve also attached a video of me playing this guitar when I practiced for the guitar solo in the song “Disobey the Silence.”  First couple of rounds are rusty, but it gets better at the end as I warm up.

As of today, I have lived in LA for exactly 5 months and 1 day.  When I first moved here I was practicing guitar and playing music a lot…and then shit went down the drain.  My iPad was stolen at Starbucks, I got into a car accident, and now I am changing my major in school from veterinary technology to computer science and technology.  I already have a bachelor’s in music, so I figured why spend another 3-4 years in school for a job that ends up paying only $12-14 an hour if you’re lucky.  I learned that RVTs (registered veterinary technicians) do not make that much in LA…and I also realized that I can still help animals by doing other things such as computer work, donations, and other support that enables the protection of animals.  With some computer science certificates (I already have one, no problem adding another one or two) I figured they would not take very long to complete, and they would increase my chance of getting a real job soon.  I am already working a few odd jobs, but they are not enough to sustain my life.  I still have thousands of $$$ in fees to pay for that car accident, and I do need to keep paying the bills too.

What I would really like to do is get a job that pays enough to keep my bills in check but at the same time allows time for me to do what I truly want to do in my life which is play music.  And to tell you the the truth, I have not been practicing my guitar as much.  I haven’t been jamming with people because I am afraid of playing in front of them with my rusty hands and little practice.  It just seems that I need a job first, but now I realized screw it…what if I don’t get the job I want no matter how hard I try?  What if the economy is so bad that I have to take the super low paying jobs?  Who knows.  But if you know anyone who needs someone with a Bachelor of Music in Jazz Studies, an Apple Certified Macintosh Technician credential, and 10 years of customer care experience in primarily a technical helpdesk role please send them to me.  And find someone to buy my guitar too!  Although it seems rather pointless because I have “nothing to practice for,” I need to start playing again regardless as to whether or not I get the job I want.