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Yes I have deactivated my Facebook due to personal issues. I may reactivate it one day just not now. Besides I’m too busy with so many things and don’t have as much time anymore.

I know I haven’t posted anything on here since Angel was laid to rest. Her passing has deeply affected me as she was the one companion who was always there with me no matter what friends I lost or gained. I still have Mango my other cat, and I still live with the other cats Suzie and Scrambles.

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Goodbye Angel

Rest in peace Angel. You will always be remembered. We did everything and beyond for you.

On Saturday October 13, 2012 sometime after 1:00 PM our beloved cat Angel passed away in peace at Boundary Animal Hospital in Burnaby, BC. We tried absolutely everything we could to help Angel get better, but toward the last two weeks of her life, her health deteriorated so rapidly; it accelerated so badly that her left eye looked like it was being consumed by the infection. It was hard to look at her from her left side as the skin and flesh looked as though they were rotting away. Angel no longer sat in the sun as she was too weak and sick to jump up onto the window shelf. We had to end her suffering and as a result we stopped her pain. Angel became too old and sick to fight whatever was literally eating her.

Our friends Katy and Gerald were there during Angel’s goodbye. Other people wanted to be there too but did not make it. Angel meant a lot to many people. She touched the hearts of those from both Nanaimo and Vancouver. Angel was a strong and stubborn cat who would eat ravenously within one hour of completing surgery! She surprised us with the way she defied the effects from many of her health issues. She is a memorable example of cats having nine lives.

We thank everyone for your support toward Angel’s health and well-being. We leave you with this video directed by our friend David Simmons with Angel starring as the cat in this short film.  And below this film are the final two vet bills for Angel.

Rest in peace Angel. Stay with us in our hearts.

Happy Thanksgiving to Those of Us in Canada.

I wish I had a nice picture to post on here…maybe a picture of my cats…but I am at work right now and feeling very blue…OK let’s start with the good stuff first.

First I would like to thank Wilhelm Lindh from Swedish death/doom metal band the Gardnerz for his donation toward our cat fund for Angel and Mango. Please check out the Gardnerz at and buy their album and merch to support their incredible metal music. \m/

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Thank you for your support.

Hey I just wanted to take the time to say thank you to all those who supported us both financially and emotionally during this challenging time with our sick cats and the associated costly vet bills. Although our donations were very minimal (around 6% toward the current cost of our vet bills from July 31, 2012 to the present) they still helped us immensely. Yesterday I Continue reading

Third Week of Angel’s Cleaning

Angel After 3rd Week of Cleaning

We took Angel to the vet again on Saturday, September 15, 2012 for professional cleaning of the infection on her face.  She has been prescribed three different medications now–actually she has been prescribed four, but we already had a supply of one of them at our house.  The three new medications are Metacam, Clindamycin, and Surolan.  Then there is this pink fluid we have at home–I seem to forget the name of it though. That is to be used on her face topically before applying the Surolan ointment.  This treatment will be the last one we use before Angel is rendered “incurable.”  If the infection does not go away after three weeks of this treatment, then we are going to have to put her to sleep.

As for Mango, I was originally going to wait until I get paid again toward the beginning of October, but Continue reading

Second Week of Angel’s Cleaning

A swollen face but much cleaner than before she went to the vet the day before.

I am trying my best to be positive.  It is extremely hard because not only are two of my cats sick, but I am too.  I have a digestive issue that is causing a lot of stress and ache for me.  At least my treatment, although expensive, is a lot less costly than those of my cats.

Anyway Angel is a trooper.  I have enclosed some before and after pictures showing how she looked like before and after this second week of getting her face professionally cleaned at the vet.  Her weight is still the same as last week, but at least she has not lost weight.

Sometimes it is hard to figure out why I still care for my cats…today they have been driving me absolutely nuts.  One of them, Scrambles, has been chewing on my iPod cables as well as a cable that is part of a set of $350 studio headphones.  I heard that I could buy a motion sensor that lets off an annoying sound and throws something at her, but I bet that is expensive too.  Less costly would be to spray my cables with citrus scent which cats detest.  Hopefully the cables won’t be chewed before spraying that stuff otherwise an electrical short may occur.  The odd thing is, Continue reading

Update on Angel’s Health

Angel after getting her face cleaned at the vet on Aug. 30, 2012.

First we would like to thank the donations that we have received so far.  Since we started this donation page, we have received a total of $115 in donations.  The cost of our vet bills since July 31, 2012 is 120.94 + 843.85 + 935.37 + 87.29 = $1987.45.  We have received just under 6% of what we need to cover the vet bills.  We have $1872.45 left of vet bills to pay.  To view our receipts, please check out our photo gallery at .

Yesterday Angel went in for her weekly cleaning at the veterinary clinic.  I have included pictures of what she looks like after the cleaning.  Hopefully they are clear enough to see.  The good news is that she has gained some weight, and the vet weighed her BEFORE we even fed her her first meal yesterday.  🙂

Today is our payday…I hope that we will be able to scrape together enough for the rent.  We will make it happen.  I am just concerned about Continue reading