“Sorry, No Win”

Aleatoric piece.

These notes below are written as is and may not contain proper grammar or capitalization.

-title is determined by what was in the pan on scratch n win
-selected 6 instruments because there are 6 sets of numbers on my scratch n win
-selected 6/8 because there are 6 sets of numbers, but it is not necessarily going to feel 6/8
-atonal piece
-the first few measures are all in 1/8th notes with the pitches determined by the numbers in the white box at the bottom of scratch n win
-1=C, 2=D, 3=E….8=high C, 9=high D, etc.
-to determine if it is flat, sharp, or natural, i flipped a loonie
-if the loonie lands on heads: if the flat part of the queen’s profile lands on the bottom from where i am facing, then it is flat. if it lands on the top, it is natural
-if the loonie lands on tails: if the loon’s beak points up, it is sharp. if it points down, it is natural
-also used the string of numbers at the bottom inside the scratch area and associated with pitch the same way as above
-did retrograde for some parts
-used numbers in the box that gets scratched. Again, 1=C, 2=D, etc. (see above), but this time, the number of zeroes makes a difference. no zeroes means 8th note, 1 zero means quarter, 2 zeroes means dotted quarter, 3 zeroes is a half note, etc.
-used bar codes at the back of scratch n win to make melodies too, in the same manner as i did above
-also used the toll free numbers on the back of the scratch n win to generate notes
-at the end, i used retrograde of toll free problem because the person in the piece has a gambling problem, so they need help. one of the toll free numbers on the back of the scratch n win is for if you have a gambling problem

You may view the score and parts of this piece as follows (each hyperlink below opens a new window once you click it):

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