“Nothing to Me”

I wrote the main guitar riff of this song back in 2002, but I did not finish writing the entire song until 2007.


Nothing to Me

you are such a faker yet many don’t realize
you steal coin by scamming them with your bullshit lies

you oughta pay
you ain’t nothing to me
you’ve got a loada shit in your head
you mean fuck all to me

now why should
asshole liars make the same as any good man
what if  people found out to whom their money went
i hope they sue you

you’re goin’ down
you ain’t nothing to me
why don’t you go spoon your friends?
you mean fuck all to me

you cheat the system
and it will fuck you up
i’d love to watch you fall
and pay for every lie
that your mouth shit
you’re corrupt; you’re fucked
you should never be president…no

you oughta burn
you ain’t nothing to me
you oughta serve time in hell
you mean fuck all to me


“Nothing to Me” Copyright © 2002 Linda Lockwood o/a Mad Metal Mage. All Rights Reserved.  Recorded in November 2007.