“In a Wrath”

Written by Mage and Gerald Leong in 2011 for the project Zeal.  Produced by Mage. Heavy metal song.

Presence of our souls
Uniting our existence
Striving for control
Yet losing all our senses

Mob of society
Fighting for sovereignty
Reaching for utopia
And remaining in the gutter

Specks of dust they are
Those who seek fulfillment
As detached as I may seem
A grain I am among them

Chaotic domination
A test of brutal strength
Lift my head to save my face

I carve my very path
with my talons in a wrath
in a world that doesn’t give
is a soul that doesn’t live

upon uprooted soil
the fools trouble and toil
for greed that fails to quench
as they die in their own trench

Absence of our minds
During these trying times
When no one qualifies to lead
We follow all the nonsense

Blinded by false prophets
In various sickly forms
Religion, media, and congress
Brainwash the credulous

Shards of glass smash the ground
From the damage we inflict
Upon our foolish starving selves
Upon the world in which we live

Depletion of the wealth
Leads to sacrifice of life
Do not mistaken greed for need


Presence of my soul
Uniting my existence
Striving for control
And coming to my senses

Victims of our demise
A fatal end to all that bleeds
Release from misery
And freedom of our tensions

Shades of red cast the sky
Scarlet morphing into crimson
I absorb the tainted light
While I run for my dear life

Armageddon sweeps the race
Damaging our only place
We cannot thrive in self-defeat

Copyright © 2011 Zeal. All Rights Reserved.