Update: Relocation and Transition

I moved to LA.

Hey all, I know that since I moved to LA that I have given many people my website URL. You probably wondered why there have been no updates since August 2013. I can give you a few reasons, but in the end none of them are good. Here they are.

  • Loss of focus due to depression.  It’s pretty bad.  Wrote and recorded some stuff though.
  • My acceptance to college in LA (I just moved here toward the end of June 2014 after having applied in November 2013 and getting accepted in January 2014).   I am in the veterinary technology program.  Lots of work.
  • Feeling like the recent songs I recorded are not in a good enough quality or caliber (see the first point above).

Videos Will be Uploaded Soon!!

I am going to finally gain the courage to upload some videos here of me playing guitar/piano/singing…I so far have uploaded those exclusively to Facebook due to the hurtful criticism that some YouTubers have given me in previous videos.  But we live only one life, and if I never show you my singing/playing of music, then you will never hear it.  Please keep in mind that some of what I will upload will be shot on an iPhone camera, so don’t expect the best quality.

Help me Find my Stolen iPad

As quoted on my Facebook:

Hello on Saturday October 4, 2014 between 3:45 pm and 4:00 pm my iPad was stolen at the Starbucks on Victory and Canoga. The last place it was detected according to the Find My iPad app was Westfield Topanga at 4:01pm. My 128GB iPad mini (Retina) is silver with a white face and is encased in a black Kensington keyboard case. My name, email address, and Pierce College student number are engraved on the back. Please if anyone has any information contact me. I have already filed a police report. The last four digits of the serial number are FLMR. Thank you kindly. I really appreciate any help. I’m a student but will give a small reward for your kindness and consideration if you return my beloved iPad to me.

 — at Westfield Topanga & Promenade.

Hey thanks for sticking by.  I appreciate all the support and encouragement.  I will end by posting you a very simple poem I wrote after my iPad was stolen.

There is no hope. There is no love. There is no point. There is no meaning. There is pain. There is fear. There is hatred. There is yearning.