Looking for Musicians to Jam

I am seeking musicians, preferably those with a musical education or at least a good understanding of music, to jam with and eventually form a metal band. Some of the music I like may be found on the connections via my Twitter account at www.twitter.com/madmetalmage and my MySpace account at www.myspace.com/madmetalmagemusic .

My own musical education consists of classical piano (grade 9 Royal Conservatory of Music and some grade 10), bachelor of music in jazz studies (Vancouver Island University guitar major/vocal minor), and heavy involvement in school bands and festivals in my early years. In addition I was awarded second place in the national Canada Music Week Writing Competition in 2003.

I have been living in Vancouver since 2009 working hard at my day job. I have a studio/rehearsal space in my garage as well as a Roland TD-11KV drum kit, Logic Pro for studio recording, and other equipment such as digital piano, basses, guitars, and mics. It would be pretty awesome if I could play in a band again. I have also produced demos for other musicians and bands the latest being for Flames Ov Gehenna’s debut track “Enter the Flames” which can be heard at www.soundcloud.com/flamesovgehenna .

So have a listen at www.madmetalmage.com and let me know if you are interested in making some music with me. Thanks for looking.