Too many things I want to do…and so little time in a day…

We’ve all heard it: there just ain’t enough time to get what you want in a day especially when you’re trying to to too many damned things at once. I am one of those people. I basically take on as much as I can and expect so much from myself…that is why I am working overtime so bloody much this week. I want to clear everything off, all of my debts, all of my worries, all of my sorrow. Wow I just cannot even type or think coherently at this hour anymore.

I see so many musicians around me who in my eyes are a lot more successful than I am. They tend to have more time with their instruments and their jamming crowd. That is why they are better than me; they probably worry more about making music than making money. Unfortunately I happen to be one of those people who worries tremendously about money. Maybe it is because I started my late teenage and early adult life by putting myself through university by taking on a full-time job while taking on full-time classes. I panicked that day that the government denied me of student loans. I remember crying in the middle of a hallway at my university in one of those administration offices. I was determined to not let that stop me from getting my education. So I worked my ass off. And here I am today working away…10-12 hour shifts knowing that if I work just *that* much harder that I may be able to enjoy a better future for this temporary moment of sacrifice.

But really man…having to work night shifts all the time…shifts so long that I am too fucking tired to pick up an instrument by the end of the night…so tired that I don’t eat full meals anymore…I don’t know. I guess I am drained. I get only one day off per week due to my decision to take more overtime even on my day off. I don’t really want to complain though. I have decided to get this terribly busy work month out of my system and emerge paid off and ready for a fucking vacation.

I know exactly where I want to go. L.A. is
only a flight away from Vancouver. I will bring my guitar, iPad, and Line 6 Mobile-In so that I could practice whenever I want at the hotel. At first I was thinking about a luxury hotel, but I decided I was more concerned about a bed and a shower and a practice pad. I will use headphones too so as not to disturb any neighbouring vacationers. I would like to record some stuff. I need to get my speed and agility back on the fretboard though. So I am hoping that my workplace does not offer vacation in July because let’s face it: I am an addicted workaholic.

I will make things better. You watch. And I promise that you will hear some new tunes too.

Enclosed is a picture of my beloved Mango. She’s still sick and is one of the driving reasons that I work so many hours. Vet bills are costly but necessary when dealing with an ill cat. Anyway keep rooting for my cat OK–thanks!

P.S. I am really looking forward to hitting the many vegan eateries in L.A. I should be eating more these days especially since I exercise every day and work so much. Remind me!image