No Facebook

Yes I have deactivated my Facebook due to personal issues. I may reactivate it one day just not now. Besides I’m too busy with so many things and don’t have as much time anymore.

I know I haven’t posted anything on here since Angel was laid to rest. Her passing has deeply affected me as she was the one companion who was always there with me no matter what friends I lost or gained. I still have Mango my other cat, and I still live with the other cats Suzie and Scrambles.

I will be attending the Cannibal Corpse show this Tuesday night at the Commodore. I am looking forward to it. Nothing relieves stress, anger, and frustration like a good metal show. \m/

I also contributed to the recording and bass/keyboards/backing vocals for Flames Ov Gehenna’s first track “Enter the Flames.” Check it out here.

I also intend to explore other opportunities and travel this year. More on that later…here is a picture of where I’m walking right now.  Oh yeah…and I actually did end up moving in mid-November.  I now live in a house with a garage for recording and rehearsing music.  It is also super close to the SkyTrain.