Goodbye Angel

Rest in peace Angel. You will always be remembered. We did everything and beyond for you.

On Saturday October 13, 2012 sometime after 1:00 PM our beloved cat Angel passed away in peace at Boundary Animal Hospital in Burnaby, BC. We tried absolutely everything we could to help Angel get better, but toward the last two weeks of her life, her health deteriorated so rapidly; it accelerated so badly that her left eye looked like it was being consumed by the infection. It was hard to look at her from her left side as the skin and flesh looked as though they were rotting away. Angel no longer sat in the sun as she was too weak and sick to jump up onto the window shelf. We had to end her suffering and as a result we stopped her pain. Angel became too old and sick to fight whatever was literally eating her.

Our friends Katy and Gerald were there during Angel’s goodbye. Other people wanted to be there too but did not make it. Angel meant a lot to many people. She touched the hearts of those from both Nanaimo and Vancouver. Angel was a strong and stubborn cat who would eat ravenously within one hour of completing surgery! She surprised us with the way she defied the effects from many of her health issues. She is a memorable example of cats having nine lives.

We thank everyone for your support toward Angel’s health and well-being. We leave you with this video directed by our friend David Simmons with Angel starring as the cat in this short film.  And below this film are the final two vet bills for Angel.

Rest in peace Angel. Stay with us in our hearts.

2 thoughts on “Goodbye Angel

  1. Gilla says:

    Dear Linda,
    So sorry to hear about sweet Angel leaving you. I am glad you had the courage to let her go and I am so happy she now has peace and no more pain. Thank you for posting the movie – so nice to see her so beautiful with her lion cut with her beloved mom, adoring each other.
    Angel was so lucky you came into her life and gave her such a wonderful life.
    Our thoughts are with you during this tough time and hoping you remember the good times and all the love you received and were able to give.
    You are a very special person. Wishing you all the best. Gilla

  2. Hi Gilla,

    Thank you for remembering Angel and for covering her in the Nanaimo paper years ago. Angel was definitely a very loved cat, and she loved all the people who cared for her too. It was not just me but also friends and partners that helped enrich Angel’s life. I am just glad that Angel is not hurting anymore. We were very happy that the newspaper featured Happy Tails as those are some tales we need to remember–thank you again for sharing our story. 🙂

    Linda L.
    \m/ Mage \m/