Happy Thanksgiving to Those of Us in Canada.

I wish I had a nice picture to post on here…maybe a picture of my cats…but I am at work right now and feeling very blue…OK let’s start with the good stuff first.

First I would like to thank Wilhelm Lindh from Swedish death/doom metal band the Gardnerz for his donation toward our cat fund for Angel and Mango. Please check out the Gardnerz at http://www.thegardnerz.com/ and buy their album and merch to support their incredible metal music. \m/

Next thing I would like to say is that Angel is dying. She sits there listlessly all day and night…she has this one spot at the top of the stairs that lead toward our basement. We have to be careful walking down the stairs as she is small. I cannot take any more pictures of her either…her left eye is a lot worse than it has ever been. It looks like it is being consumed by the infection. Nicholas and I would like to put her to sleep as soon as possible, but it costs $400-$500 CAD to have that done…and we don’t get paid until the 15th. So poor Angel may have to wait until then.

And the last thing I would like to say…it was Thanksgiving Day in Canada yesterday, and today is the Monday stat holiday. I am at work…at least I will have extra money to pay for these bills. But I am having a horrible time at work…today Nicholas left me…yes…my partner does not want to be with me anymore, and one of the biggest problems was the vet bills. He is going to move out soon, and I will now have to find a way to pay my rent…it is very hard for me to feel thankful right now…I feel like I am cursed! This is not a good day for me…cat is dying and boyfriend dumped me because of her…I wish there was an end to this…part of me wishes I could go peacefully with Angel…

So now I am alone in this battle with my cats.

Edit at 11:56pm. I took this picture on the SkyTrain. I hope the words are true.


One thought on “Happy Thanksgiving to Those of Us in Canada.

  1. Hayat says:

    Thank you for capturing such baiuteful photos of us! We can’t stop looking at them. You and Katie were so much fun to work with, you really made us feel at ease.