Second Week of Angel’s Cleaning

A swollen face but much cleaner than before she went to the vet the day before.

I am trying my best to be positive.  It is extremely hard because not only are two of my cats sick, but I am too.  I have a digestive issue that is causing a lot of stress and ache for me.  At least my treatment, although expensive, is a lot less costly than those of my cats.

Anyway Angel is a trooper.  I have enclosed some before and after pictures showing how she looked like before and after this second week of getting her face professionally cleaned at the vet.  Her weight is still the same as last week, but at least she has not lost weight.

Sometimes it is hard to figure out why I still care for my cats…today they have been driving me absolutely nuts.  One of them, Scrambles, has been chewing on my iPod cables as well as a cable that is part of a set of $350 studio headphones.  I heard that I could buy a motion sensor that lets off an annoying sound and throws something at her, but I bet that is expensive too.  Less costly would be to spray my cables with citrus scent which cats detest.  Hopefully the cables won’t be chewed before spraying that stuff otherwise an electrical short may occur.  The odd thing is, Scrambles is perfectly healthy…so her chewing on cables is a lot less acceptable than sick cats taking up my funds for vet bills because I have to repurchase all these damaged cables which should not have been ruined in the first place.

Well it is stressful…I have four cats…two of them are healthy, and two of them are sick…one of the sick ones Mango pees all over everything.  She is now peeing on the basement floor, but she still pees on our couch which is now shrouded in a shower curtain, and she has peed on a carpet which I had to throw out…and she also peed in the chimney.

I wonder if I will break down from stress before any of my cats get better.  I was honestly trying to put up this website as a positive request for assistance and compassion, but now I have run out of hope as I realize that my donations are still at less than 6%…we will have to see what the pet insurance company comes up with.  I will keep you posted.  Thank you for your support during this difficult time.


One thought on “Second Week of Angel’s Cleaning

  1. Karlos says:

    Yes it is Against The Law and it is considered to be Animal Cruelty, if an aminal is sick or injured, not to take it to the vet for treatment. If the person gets reported, they can get their pet taken away, they will get fined, they will possibly go to jail and they may possibly not be able to ever have another aminal in their household. This is the reason why, when you take responsiblilty for owning a pet, you have to be financially stable enough to provide that aminal with veterinary care. If you aren’t financially stable, then you should not own an aminal, if you can’t provide them with proper care.