Update on Angel’s Health

Angel after getting her face cleaned at the vet on Aug. 30, 2012.

First we would like to thank the donations that we have received so far.  Since we started this donation page, we have received a total of $115 in donations.  The cost of our vet bills since July 31, 2012 is 120.94 + 843.85 + 935.37 + 87.29 = $1987.45.  We have received just under 6% of what we need to cover the vet bills.  We have $1872.45 left of vet bills to pay.  To view our receipts, please check out our photo gallery at http://www.madmetalmage.com/angel-donation/ .

Yesterday Angel went in for her weekly cleaning at the veterinary clinic.  I have included pictures of what she looks like after the cleaning.  Hopefully they are clear enough to see.  The good news is that she has gained some weight, and the vet weighed her BEFORE we even fed her her first meal yesterday.  🙂

Today is our payday…I hope that we will be able to scrape together enough for the rent.  We will make it happen.  I am just concerned about being able to save money for the future.  All the money I spent on vet bills could have been used toward other things such as a good guitar amp, which is something I have never had as a musician.

What are your thoughts–would you sacrifice this much for your animals?

I hope that Angel continues to gain weight.  And I don’t know how much if any our pet insurance will cover for her condition.  They keep saying that they have not received our faxed claims, but maybe they are just slow.  We don’t have a landline at our house, so we had the vet fax the insurance company twice already this week…the last time it was faxed was Tuesday…it is now Friday…

If you would like to pay a donation, even a small amount, please visit http://www.madmetalmage.com/products/product-details/#cid=53866 .  Every little bit helps.  Thank you for your support and concern toward the cause for our cats.

More vet bills–this recent one is from August 30, 2012 and was for Angel’s weekly cleaning as well as Mango’s laxative.

5 thoughts on “Update on Angel’s Health

  1. Siri says:

    hey what is your fb page

    • Mustafa says:

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    • Sarisa says:

      Did they run bloodwork on her bofree the surgery? Are her kidneys really failing or is she just very dehydrated? They can go into kidney failure from their blood pressure dropping too low while anesthetized. It is very important to check with your vet that all surgical patients have an IV catheter, IV fluids, are intubated, kept warm during surgery, and that vitals such as blood pressure, heartrate, and O2 levels are monitored throughout the procedure. Pain medication bofree and after surgery is a MUST. This is NOT common if these simple yet vital protocols are in place I would question how the procedure was performed.

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